Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wadder Anyone?

I thought that maybe I shouldn't post this, it's so negative.  But, it is my sewing journey that I'm blogging, therefore; this huge speed-bump should be a part of it.  Perhaps writing it down will help me to avoid this happening again, in the near future.

A dear sewing buddy was coming over for a Tuesday night sew-a-thon.  I wasn't ready to plunge into the lace dress, and thought I'd give the stash a peek.  Found this green fabric and thought, "I'll use this." I decided to do a "no-brainer" pattern- Butterick 5497, lots of bust ease, no big fitting issues.  Really?  None?  Needless to say, here's my first wadder after all these years.  Not to say that I've never been dissatisfied before, I have, but I did always find a way to fix the problem.  In this case, I don't care to.  Here's the lesson I learned:

  1. Don't rush into any project, they all matter because they are taking my time.
  2. There is no such thing as "no fitting issues" with me.
  3. If I'm not in the mood to sew, but am committed to do so, find ways to infuse enthusiasm for the project before I cut into anything.
Here's what is should look like
Enough said.

Here's my result...yuck.
My observation of this pattern, for a full bust, is to move those gathers completely away from the center- front, unless you're going for the "Hunchfront of Notre Dame" look.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Inspiration from the Debbie Reynold's Auction

This is a suit from Gaslight worn by Ingrid Bergman.  The pleating that enters the princess seam at the waist creates a beautiful line for the figure, notice how it then goes directly to the pockets, it reminds me of Vogue 7908-( this jacket was made for me by a friend.)  These are design elements that are well thought out in order to flatter the figure and emphasize the hourglass shape.  I also like the contrast between the tailored top and the ruffles in the skirt.

Here's some hand stitching in the princess seam.

Brocade and lace.  I'm not much for super-fancy but I think this is just lovely.   The line of the lace applique on  metallic brocade is rich and refined, the bodice shape creates a beautiful waistline.  I'd love to modernize this look as an evening top with a pencil skirt.

I saw this version of Romeo and Juliet in black and white, but see what Adrian created!  The applique techniques were incredible.  I was really hoping I could buy this one, to display it in the sewing room, but the bidding went crazy on this.  I love Hollywood costumes and often look to them as a source of inspiration.