Saturday, March 10, 2012

Little 'Ol Me, An Award Winner?

I was nominated for the prestigious Versatile Blogger award by the lovely and talented SewRuth.  Thanks Ruth.  After reviewing the rules, I realize that I have to get to work, so here goes:

Rule 1 - Add the award badge to the winning blog page - check!

Rule 2 - Thank the blogger who gave it - check!

Rule 3 - List the rules - check!

Rule 4 - List 7 random things about the me:

  1. I have a poodle, of course, I'm SewBarbie!
  2. I have a passion for old sewing machines, had too many and sold a few.
  3. Collect all kinds of kitchen tools and utensils including a 1950's popcorn popper.
  4. I wear mascara every day.
  5. I believe that beautiful shoes usually hurt my tootsies, but who cares.
  6. I have more patterns than I'll ever be able to finish, but I love looking at them.
  7. I love the classic and beautiful fashion models like Veruschka, Samantha Jones, Dorothy McGowan, Lauren Hutton , and Jeanette Christensen.
Rule 5 - The ritualistic passing on of the award to 15 deserving and conscientious bloggers who in the opinion of the chairperson are entitled to be nominated for their diligence, demonstrated skill and achievements in the world of blogging and specifically in the sewing related category.

I nominate:
Sherry of Pattern Scissors Cloth
Allison of allisoncsewinggallery
Sewforward of sewforward
Brian of briansews

I think everyone else who I read has received this award.


  1. Congratulations! And, that you for nominating me, too. I just now posted it - yes, I know I've been slow, but my excuse is I was out of town. Anyway, thank you. Thank you. Hope all is well.

  2. Oh I understand the mascara thing so well

  3. Oh dear I am even slower than SewForward to thank you for this award, but truly thank you, I will have a think about the rules and post about it soon!