Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Guy...Laroche,that is. Vogue1268

It's the rust suede dress in the center, cute huh?

Guy and I are having an affair.  Lately, I've made several of his house's designs, am working on this one, and have another one coming up.  First of all, they fit me very well, and, I just love the designs.  This one is out of UltraSuede and presents a few challenges; marking and basting must be done carefully, needles will leave little holes in the fabric.  The pattern gives tons of ease, I personally don't want it that big.  I didn't do a FBA, just cut my regular size and you can see there's lots of breathing room.  Guess it's good I'm doing this one around the holidays... ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving!  Blessings to you and your families.

Here is the line drawing.  I prefer to use these as a guide rather than the photos on the pattern.  I'm planning on having it turn out more like this, than the pattern photo- which is huge.

You can see there's plenty of room, still keeping the designer's plan for an easy top.
Here's how I basted the pleats
I always love to see how everyone works.   I keep my tools, and especially the pattern, very close by.  I pick up the pattern and look it over quite a bit during the sewing process, it's my way of double checking the details before the needle hits the fabric.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

60'S Fashion for Fall tells us that 70's, 60's and oriental fashion is on trend for fall 2011.  These are exactly the types of fashion that I love to sew and wear.  Great fabric, clean lines, slim silhouettes and classic details make up clothes that are timeless.  I don't know about you, but when I sew, I work on pieces that I can wear for more than a season- after all; sewing is a labor of love and I want to wear the clothes for as long as I can.  I don't mind sewing up a "trendy" piece, but I won't spend for than $20 a yard on the fabric or 3 days making it.  What about you?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vogue 1143 I love Guy Laroche!

I made this last year, it was pure pleasure to sew and wonderful to wear.  Took a business trip to San Francisco and decided to bring it out.  I made the jacket and pants, they both fit very well and have a very couture feel about them.  I used a wool with lycra, it's a bit more than medium weight and drapes beautifully.  The jacket body is fully interfaced with fusible tricot and here's the good part - it took a round trip to SFO, was worn for an entire day and night, then I put it on the mannequin to photograph.  Not bad, eh?

   I sent the buckle out to be covered and unfortunately it came apart at the cleaners.  I "jimmyed" it together and will have to send it back to be redone.  If it looks a bit funky; that's the reason.

   The pattern describes it as a semi-fitted, lined jacket, partially interfaced with princess seams, flounce, raglan sleeves with gusset and full length lower sleeves, belt and snap closures.  Semi-fitted pants with mock fly closures, pockets, waist facing and slightly flared legs.

I looked all over the internet and didn't find any reviews on the jacket, I wonder why?  This is one of my favorite outfits, I feel very elegant when I have it on.  It's still in print...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Silhouette Pattern 115 Ann's Top

I've never used this pattern company before but attended a conference where they were being featured. I love that the pattern has separate fronts for B-D cup sizes.  I really love the french dart!  I know you can't see it, but it's there doing it's shaping magic.  I think french darts are the most flattering to the body and would love to use them more often, but few pattern companies put them in.  In the top, the dart really helps the shape.  The directions are straightforward although I didn't use them much...super easy.  The fabric was free!  Yes, I received it as a free bundle from FabricMart, it's much prettier in person than in the photos.  I will sew this one up again and again!

I also ordered the trench coat pattern from Silhouette, it too, has a french dart...yipee!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vogue 1220 in black, finished

Here is the completed dress.  It is described as a loose-fitting mid-knee length dress with shawl pleated collar, waistline pleats and side slant pockets.  I've worn the orange dress several times since making it and each time I get complimented.  Naturally, I want another one.  It's relatively easy to make and the instructions are very good except for the the fly button closure.  It's vague in describing how it should be attached at the hem.  I had to rip a bit, insert it, then sew it closed again.  I used a lightweight stretch cotton.  If I ever make it again, I'll use a stretch linen or crepe, I think that will give it a more elegant look.   I've made two and that's enough for now. 
***Fabric alert!  I wore the dress today and it felt just fine, however; when I put it in the closet, I noticed that the cotton was a bit heavier weight in the orange (first) version than this black.  I prefer the heavier cotton stretch because it gives the dress more body and shows off the lines a bit more...f.y.i.

Purchased belt
Tie has a seam in the center as I didn't have enough fabric to cut in one piece, hope I don't get arrested.

My favorite custom necklace from

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Paco Peralta Design

Paco Peralta is a Barcelona based designer whose clothes are crisp, feminine and classic; I'm a huge fan.  While browsing his blog, as usual, I saw this top posted and literally gasped!  I love the "V" seam in the front and the light blue/gray crepe is just perfect for the design.  As I read a bit further, I saw that he was giving the pattern away! 
 It was in my mailbox today! 
I can't wait to make it!
Thanks Paco!
Check him out, the link is on my blog list :)