Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Craftsy- The Couture Dress

Have you been to Craftsy.com?

I have signed up for two classes and am currently working on The Couture Dress with Susan Khalje.  This class is excellent!  I love taking sewing classes, but somehow I find that I don't get all the personal attention that I would like.  Here's a class that truly provides step by step, complete instruction with video, handouts and feedback.  You can email Ms. Khalje and she really answers you personally!  I am delighted with the thorough presentation of all facets of couture dress construction.  I'm currently working on the muslin and Susan has made the process so clear that I'm loving the extra step- I usually do most of my fitting with the paper pattern- this is so much more fun.  


  1. How is your class going? I enrolled in the Jeanius Class, but have not finished it yet. . . Susan Khalje is a wonderful teacher, although I think you arleady know how to sew a beautiful garment!

    1. Work and personal life have been very busy as of late- I'm hoping to get more done this weekend. What I love about the class is Susan precise tutorials, you can follow right along with her- she makes it so much fun. I watched Jeanius and can't wait to do that one as well. Good luck with it.