Monday, February 6, 2012

Jeans Please- McCall's 5894

Who needs to make their own jeans?  I don't.  There are plenty of ready to wear jeans that I can squeeze myself into out there, not to mention how they inspire diet and exercise after I've seen myself in the dressing room mirror.  So why make my own?  Maybe it's the challenge, or just to do something a bit different, you see, I don't machine embroider- I topstitch!  Palmer/Pletsch designed these classic fit jeans and wrote some very detailed instructions for fitting them to your desired shape.    There are quite a few good jeans patterns to be had, I bought these because I have a fitting video by P/P that is thorough and inspiring.  The pattern does not disappoint, fitting tips are clear and do help to smooth those wrinkles.

This is an example of one the pages of fitting instructions, you can see that it starts with the pattern tissue then continues onto the fabric itself.  You won't have any surprises if you follow the simple steps.

Here's the front of the pants.  I used topstitching threads around pockets and regular thread everywhere else.  When you do it yourself, you do it "your" way.

Ahh, the back.  I sort of wish I had put the pockets a little further apart, but the side seams don't get sewn up until the end, and I always think I'm smaller than I really am ;-0. 

Here's another reason to make your own, I saw jeans in this fabric at Nordstrom and they were over $200- these will cost me $30.00, I get the fun of making then and save the $170.00!

If you enjoy playing around with your sewing machine, and you want a fun project, give making your "custom" jeans a try.

So why aren't they finished?  Five more pounds, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Perfect topstiching. You also have a sense of pride and satisfaction of having made your own jeans - unique.

  2. Thanks Ruth, those are two very good reasons as well.

  3. Jeans are on my to do list for this year because RTW are a really bad fit for me. I'm tired of trying to find a good pair so it's time to make my own. I received the PP DVD for Christmas and haven't had time to watch it yet, so I'm pleased to hear that its very good. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished jeans. They're looking fabulous so far!