Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Simplicity 4047 Jacket Done

Here's the jacket, it was easy to make, all the pieces fit together easily and construction was very basic.  The front of the jacket stretched a bit and had to be eased back onto the facing very slightly.  This is something that happens a lot during construction and should be checked.  Sometimes I lay the pattern back over the piece to check but this time I used fusible hymo from B. Black and Sons on the facing- it didn't change.  I like to use hymo in any jacket that requires good shape, even if the pattern calls for fusible tricot you may want to beef up a cuff or collar with hymo as I feel it gives controllable shape (collar up or down, it stays where you style it!).
My tool for this post are my Kai Tailoring Shears, I love the 10" size and use them most often, they cut ALL fabric like butter!

Collar up
Collar down

Scissors on fusible hymo

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  1. Your jacket looks great. What better encouragement than making a garment that fits so well and that you just love to wear!