Monday, April 25, 2011

vogue 8644 dress

This one took a while.  I've come to the conclusion that I don't love making dresses.  This one is a good cut and has two little pockets in the front.  The fabric is a very lightweight wool with lycra, I think if I make this again I'll use something with a little more drape.  It fits very well; I'm a little fuller in the hips than the mannequin and you don't see that wrinkle on me.  I used an invisible zipper instead of a regular one and am pleased with that as well, although it added a lot more hand sewing to the project.  I made this to go under the grey jacket that I posted first and they look very well together.  

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  1. Hi- I tried to post from my phone, but it didn't work - operator error! I love you new dress. It is beautiful. It looks great on the dress form I bet it looks even better on you. I have been working on several summery dresses - I have two done and two more to go. Then, it may get too hot for me to sew and I will just have to be content with sipping ice tea until the weather cools!