Monday, May 16, 2011

Happiness is.......

I'm truly pleased with my "little brown wearable muslin/dress".  I needed something quick and easy to get me out of the sewing doldrums.  Vogue 1250 is Donna Karan's close fitting draped neck dress.  The design is beautiful, the front and the entire skirt are cut in one piece then a separate back.  Only three pieces make up this dress.  Here's what I did to the pattern:
  • lengthened the front above the waist 2.5 inches
  • lengthened the skirt 3 inches
  • lengthened the back 1 inch- eased front into back
  • cut everything a 16, eased to 18 at the bust
This cotton/Lycra jersey is leftover from a another outfit and I thought it would work as a wearable muslin.  I have a pretty and subtle leopard print that I'll use for this dress unless the June BurdaStyle has something I love more.

What worked:  The style, alterations, fabric- like the result.
What didn't:  The hem.  I have a Pfaff Coverlock that I'm not in love with and don't use very often.  The result is not as smooth as I'd hoped for; but wearable.

I'm flirting with the idea of making it in this rayon/Lycra stripe.  It has an incredible hand, with a bit of weight so it drapes very well.  What do you think?  Too much?

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  1. I think this style might lend itself very well to a stripe. It would look interesting at the drape neck. I love your brown "muslin" Isn't it great when a muslin turns out to be wearable!!