Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vogue 1220 In Progress

I'm working on "orange sunshine", mind you, I live in a world of black, beige, grey and navy.  Originally I thought this fabric was too much for me, but at a dollar a yard, I couldn't pass it up.   The pattern has unusual seams for fitting which were daunting for me, I wanted a good fit in back and not too much fabric in front.  I took the pattern to my tailoring teacher and she helped pin-fit.  We decided to add a dart in front (pictured), we also added some length to the collar back ( I needed an extra 1/4 inch).  I'm basting and fitting this one more than usual and so far, so good.  I know it's been slow going, but my work has been super busy these days.  Hoping to have some sewing time on Sunday and Monday.  Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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