Sunday, October 9, 2011

My First Sewing Book

Work has been so busy lately that I haven't had time to sew.  I prepped some fabric and a pattern but am still undecided about what to make next, do I want pants or a dress?  That's my dilema and I'm uninspired.

On another note, I use books as much as my sewing tools to remind me of how to complete many of my sewing tasks.  I need a book with good instructions (that don't require too much head scratching), and good illustrations.  I really don't want a "shortcuts" type book and am always willing to do the extra work to get it right.  Here's my first sewing book, The New Simplicity Sewing Book, from the '80's!  Boy did I learn a lot from this one, I actually learned how to sew by following this book step by step.   I wish I still had the jacket I made back then, it had welt pockets, set-in sleeves and a complicated collar; it came out beautifully thanks to the clear instructions in the book.  Notice the dog-eared pages, it was well-used and is still my "go to" guide when I can't figure it out any other way.

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