Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Guy...Laroche,that is. Vogue1268

It's the rust suede dress in the center, cute huh?

Guy and I are having an affair.  Lately, I've made several of his house's designs, am working on this one, and have another one coming up.  First of all, they fit me very well, and, I just love the designs.  This one is out of UltraSuede and presents a few challenges; marking and basting must be done carefully, needles will leave little holes in the fabric.  The pattern gives tons of ease, I personally don't want it that big.  I didn't do a FBA, just cut my regular size and you can see there's lots of breathing room.  Guess it's good I'm doing this one around the holidays... ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving!  Blessings to you and your families.

Here is the line drawing.  I prefer to use these as a guide rather than the photos on the pattern.  I'm planning on having it turn out more like this, than the pattern photo- which is huge.

You can see there's plenty of room, still keeping the designer's plan for an easy top.
Here's how I basted the pleats
I always love to see how everyone works.   I keep my tools, and especially the pattern, very close by.  I pick up the pattern and look it over quite a bit during the sewing process, it's my way of double checking the details before the needle hits the fabric.

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  1. I love the color of the suede fabric you have chosen. I pulled this pattern out several weeks ago with the idea of making it. But after comparing the pattern to my sloper, decided I wasn't mentally in the mood to deal with reducing the "tons of ease", which is an accurate description. Looking forward to seeing your completed dress.