Friday, December 16, 2011

Vogue 1268 W.I.P.

Like many of you, I haven't had any time for sewing, between work and party planning ( I'm hosting three parties), I can't even look at a sewing project.  My almost complete dress is sitting on the dress form and waiting for me to finish up.

 I've been searching the internet to see if anyone has completed this one, so far, no takers.  So here's a quick look just in case you are thinking of making it up yourself.  I have lots of observations about this one, most are very positive.  Stay tuned...


  1. Thank goodness I thought I was alone for a while there! Just started cutting out this evening - Yours looks great - do you need an extra snap at the front to stop the wrap gaping when you sit or bend?

  2. I'm glad someone is joining me on this pattern as well. MIne is not finished yet, the skirt is pinned to the mannequin. The bodice does open a bit but is not too revealing. I'm looking forward to seeing yours completed Ruth.

  3. I'm on the last part of this and doing quite a bit of tweaking. I'll post the final dress soon. I can't wait to see yours Ruth.

  4. Wow! It looks fantastic. I know it will look even better on you (vs. the dress form). Had some free time this morning . . . so I am blog surfing - so many interesting blogs out here in the cyberspace.

  5. Barbie, pop on over to
    I had quite a bit of tweaking to do too. Your colour is much better than mine. What's Ultra suede? Is it synthetic?

  6. Ruth, thanks for the link, I saw it and love it!
    MIne is finished as well but not yet photographed. I was worried that I wouldn't like it until it was done, now I love it! It's a bit warm in Southern California- too hot to wear this; maybe next week will cool down. By the way, Ultrasuede is a trademark name for this faux suede, Halston used it in the 70's- I don't think there's a big difference except for the price.
    It was fun making this with you, let's not wear it to the same party ;-)