Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Going to a Claire Shaeffer Class!

If you haven't heard of Claire Shaeffer, you probably aren't making clothes.  She designs couture patterns for Vogue Pattern, writes for Threads and Vogue Patterns Magazine and she gives 5 day couture sewing classes in Palm Springs.  I'm taking the Chanel jacket class and will learn many techniques that I hope will take my skills to another level.  I sometimes get a little frustrated with collars, sleeves and some of the details that take a garment from good to great.  Hence, the CS class.  I'll review the class and post photos of the 1/2 Chanel jacket that we will be working on.   I hope I do a good job, wish me luck!


  1. Hope this class will meet your expectation. I can't wait you to document it.

  2. What a great opportunity, good luck and good sewing. Look forward to your review.

  3. Oh what fun! I definitely want to hear about it. I am a big fan of Claire's but have never had the opportunity to attend one of her classes.