Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vogue 1268 Finis!

The pattern describes it as "a very loose fitting, lined, wrap dress with a pleated blouson bodice, shaped front hemline and fold-back cuffs."

My description: "Ultrasuede blouson wrap coatdress."  If it were made of a light suede or chamois, I could wear this as a dress, but the Ultrasuede is a medium weight and not supple enough for the movement a "dress" requires.  Claire Schaffer says to wash the ultrasuede first, but it was expensive and I was afraid to try since the fabric clearly stated to dry clean only.

Instructions:  This is the first time I had a problem with a Guy Laroche pattern.  First, I did not interface the right front of the garment.  After many tests, I found it made the front too stiff for the soft fall that the blouson needs.  Don't interface the bodice right front unless you like it to stand away from your body!  There were a couple of places where the instructions could have been more explicit.  I had to tack the lining in by hand, their directions would have pulled the bodice seam allowance forward, I didn't want that.  Also, it's very difficult to get a hand needle through two layers of this material...ouch!  I machine top-stitched the cuffs.  You can forget about marking the snaps, I had to move the dress around a bit before I found that sweet spot that gives the most flattering shape, I imagine it will be a little different on everyone.  I cut the hem carefully as I noticed that the skirt is not hemmed, I like that.

I had my doubts about this as I constructed and fitted, it seemed to be unflattering until the very end, then, wow!  It turns out to be a very fresh, cute, kind of sexy, and very stylish little coatdress.

I'm taking a business trip to San Francisco and will wear it with a black turtleneck shell, black tights and black boots.  I guess I'll be taking those off for TSA :(.

I love the pattern, but won't make it again, it's a strong statement and one is enough.  I can see this style in a lightweight double knit, either in black, or a vibrant blue.  My advice is to use the pattern as a guide,  your hands and intuition will smooth all the pieces to fit your body just right.


  1. It is lovely on the dressform. It will look so chic worn with the black turtleneck and accesories.

  2. Just lovely. I agree with you on the 'do I like it' thing but once worn this dress is great. Have a successful trip, I'm sure you will in this.

  3. Thanks Ruth, it was fun making this along with you!